Institute for Innovation, Translation and Policy Research

Innovate - Translate - Transfer
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Idea is the starting place. To support HKBU in pioneering innovation, technology translation, and innovation policy development, ITPR encourages creativity and ideas, identifies existing and potential research projects of high impact and potential for translation

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To accelerate technology development and effective translation of discoveries, strategic alliances and collaboration platforms are built to engage relevant stakeholders, establish multidisciplinary networks, and solicit domain expertise and support

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Bridging the gap in technology readiness means the bringing in of experts, collaborators with specific domain knowledge and other resources such as funding to drive research outputs forward for adoption by the industry to meet unmet needs, to respond to challenges and opportunities in the society

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A conducive ecosystem for nurturing innovation and catalysing Hong Kong’s growth into a technology hub is created, to drive research commercialization, entrepreneurship and application in the global community

ITPR Colours

Yellow - inspires thought and curiosity, unleashes the power of creativity and innovation, enlightens people with ideas which can radically change the world

Orange - symbolizes optimism and enthusiasm, instilling the energy for adventure and success

Blue - invokes feelings of reliability, trustworthiness and authority; and is often associated with technology and intelligence, such as blue-sky research

Grey  - a neutral and practical color with a sense of calm and reliability, which are among the crucial elements for research and technology development