BUzziness Connect - BIO for a Better Future BUzziness Connect - BIO for a Better Future

BUzziness Connect - BIO for a Better Future

10 Oct, 2023

"BUzziness Connect - BIO for a Better Future" was successfully held on 10 October 2023, bringing together stakeholders from the investment sector and the industry field to connect with HKBU biotechnology and Chinese medicine-related startups and research teams for knowledge exchange and probing for potential collaborations.

In the welcome speech by Prof. Terence Lau, HKBU Interim Chief Innovation Officer, emphasised the significance of Knowledge Transfer as the third mission of the University. He said, “The University is committed to translating innovations into practical solutions for wider society, industry, and community. We value collaborations with industry players and investors, and through close collaboration, we can leverage our collective expertise, resources and knowledge to make a meaningful impact.”

Prof. Zhaoxiang Bian, HKBU Associate Vice-President (Chinese Medicine Development), shared the University’s latest development in Chinese medicine with the attendees. This included the development of novel Chinese medicine and the promotion of standardisation and internationalisation of the field.

The event provided a platform for HKBU biotech and Chinese medicine companies to showcase their latest breakthroughs. The products and services presented garnered significant enthusiasm and interest from investors and industry partners, unlocking potential collaborations.

BUzziness Connect is organised by ITPR and the Knowledge Transfer Office (KTO), with the support of TriAngle at the Centre for Innovative Service-Learning. It aims to bridge HKBU startups and research teams with potential investors and industry partners to accelerate translation of research outcomes into commercially viable products and services.


Highlights of HKBU startups and projects in the event:

Crimson Vision

Crimson Vision is a technology company dedicated to developing and advancing near-infrared (NIR) light detection techniques for commercial applications. The company’s goal is to disrupt traditional markets by developing business-focused technologies that drive efficiency and innovation. By combining NIR detection and visualisation technologies with cloud computing, the company aims to globally change the current commercial and retail markets by creating fast and portable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for detection.


EC Bot Limited

EC Bot is an evidence-based tele-healthcare platform connecting patients and Chinese medicine practitioners. It offers features such as health status tracking, access to treatment information, and online professional advice. Users can compare health changes using tongue imaging and proprietary questionnaires. The platform allows for searching and comparing Chinese medicine formulae, practitioners, and treatments. It also facilitates group discussions and seminars. Chinese medicine product retailers can advertise online delivery services.


Gihon Biotech Limited

Gihon Biotech aims to develop high-quality skin and healthcare products enriched with natural ingredients to improve the quality of life for individuals through their product offerings.


Hong Kong Authentication Centre of Valuable Chinese Medicines Limited

The Centre aims to address the market challenges associated with valuable Chinese medicines and facilitate industry improvement by providing marketing promotion to our industry partners for their qualified products, supported by innovative technologies.


MicroFlow Innovation Limited

MicroFlow Innovation Ltd. brings microfluidic techniques into the development of point-of-care tests (POCTs) and the study of drug-resistant bacteria. As part of their development process, the company plans to collaborate with hospitals and government departments to gather feedback in real-world scenarios. The company will conduct chip-based research to ensure a comprehensive coverage of potential markets, encompassing analysis, research, and other civilian applications.


MIND and Tech Limited

MIND and Tech Ltd. is an innovative technology company focused on developing novel nanoparticle-based tools for Medical Innovation by Nano Diagnostics. Their primary mission is to create a cost-effective, simple, direct, and highly sensitive platform for detecting and diagnosing biomarkers-related diseases, with a particular emphasis on Alzheimer's disease.


Sinowise Pharmaceutics

Sinowise Pharmaceutics is an innovative Chinese herbal medicine-based drug development company. With a focus on autoimmune, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal diseases, it utilises clinical data to drive its research and development of innovative botanical and small molecule therapies.


Project led by Prof. Cheung Yiu Ming, Chair Professor (Artificial Intelligence), Department of Computer Science

The project aims to develop a spatial omics intelligent system for cancer treatment. Spatial omics intelligent computing explores the mechanisms of malignant tumor development, actively promotes the discovery of innovative drugs, and facilitates the development of creative therapies, thereby empowering revolutionary cancer treatment.


Project led by Dr Liao Pan, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

The project aims to explore an automatic platform for discovering potential natural chemicals for supplements. It focuses on uncovering and elucidating the beneficial effects of probiotics and their powerful synergies with natural prebiotics, with applications in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.